Basic utilities to assist in data analysis or transfer

Agent Ransack

Website: Description: File Search utility Author: Mythicsoft License: End User License Agreement Version: 9.0.3349.1 Notes:

Encrypted Disk Detector (EDD)

Website: Description: Detects encrypted disks Author: Magnet Forensics License: EULA Version: 310 Notes: Standalone Utility


Website: Description: Fast file copy software which can retain file details Author: FastCopy Lab - License: Copyright - All rights reserved - Version: 4.2.1 Notes:


Website: Description: Context-Menu / Shell Extension hash generator utility Author: Christopher Gurnee / Kai Liu / David B. Trout / Tim Schlueter License: Version: Notes:

IrfanView x64

Website: Description: IrfanView image viewer and editor Author: Irfan Skiljan License: Version: 4.62 Notes:

IrfanView x64 Plugins

Website: Description: IrfanView Plugins Author: Irfan Skiljan License: Version: 4.62 Notes:


Website: Description: Mega.NZ downloader suite Author: License: GNU General Public License v2 ( Version: 1.11.0 Notes:

Microsoft PowerToys

Website: Description: Windows productivity system utilities Author: Microsoft License: MIT ( Version: 0.64.1 Notes:

Monolith Notes

Website: Description: Forensic note taking and tracking tool Author: Monolith Forensics License: EULA Version: 1.0.1 Notes:

Nuix Evidence Mover

Website: Description: File Transfer tool with source and destination hashing Author: NUIX License: Version: 6.2.1 Notes:


Website: Description: Shell extension for file hashing Author: namazso License: GNU General Public License 3.0 ( Version: 3.0.2 Notes:


Website: Description: USB ISO Creator Author: Pete Batard License: GNU General Public License v3 - Version: 3.21 Notes:

Tableau Firmware Update

Website: Description: Firmware update utility for Tableau forensic devices Author: OpenText License: EULA Version: 22.3.2 Notes:

USB Registry Write Blocker

Website: Description: USB Write Blocker for standard USB / UASP devices using Registry Modifications Author: Corey Forman License: MIT License ( Version: 1.2 Notes:

VcXsrv Windows X Server

Website: Description: Windows X-Server for interacting with X-Windows environments Author: Marha License: GNU General Public License v3 ( Version: Notes:


Website: Description: Tool to easily align windows and icons to a grid on the Windows Desktop Author: Joshua Wilding License: Unknown Version: Notes:


Website: Description: File Differencing Tool Author: Dean P. Grimm (Thingamahoocie Software) License: GNU General Public License v2.0 ( Version: 2.16.25 Notes: