Use of Linux-emulated terminals on Windows


Website: Description: Linux Terminal Emulator for Windows Author: License: GNU General Public License (GPL) ( Version: 3.4.7 Notes: Retcode is set to '2' for success because the Cygwin installer (even though on Windows) attempts to search for /etc/setup/setup.rc or /etc/setup/installed.db and fails with retcode 2. This causes Saltstack to read an ERROR and result: False, even though the pkg state returns 'install success'.


Website: Description: Enhanced Terminal for Windows Author: Mobatek ( License: Version: 23.3 Notes: Home Edition

Windows Terminal

Website: Description: Terminal Emulator Author: Microsoft License: MIT License ( Version: 1.18.2681.0 Notes: Version depends on Windows OS version

WSL Setup

Website: Description: Windows Subsystem for Linux setup Author: Microsoft License: EULA Version: Notes: