Network traffic analysis tools

Burp Suite Community Edition

Website: Description: Packet Intercept and Analysis Tool Author: PortSwigger License: Version: v2023.10.1.2 Notes:


Website: Description: Next Generation Dynamic Network Analysis Tool Author: License: Apache License 2.0 ( Version: 3.0 Notes:

NAFT - Network Appliance Forensic Toolkit

Website: Description: Updated version of Didier Stevens Network Appliance memory dump analyzer Author: Corey Forman / Gabriel Cossette / Didier Stevens License: MIT License ( Version: 1.0.0b1 Notes:

Network Miner

Website: Description: Network traffic analysis tool Author: NETRESEC AB License: GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0 ( Version: 2.8.1 Notes:


Website: Description: Free SSH and Telnet Client Author: Simon Tatham License: Version: 0.79 Notes:

Telerik Fiddler

Website: Description: Web debugging proxy tool Author: Telerik License: Version: 5.0.20211.51073 Notes:


Website: Description: Creates an HTML report containing a snapshot of each webpage at a specific point in time Author: Magnet Forensics License: EULA Version: 3.4.0 Notes:


Website: Description: Windows SFTP and SCP Client Author: Martin Prikryl License: GNU General Public License v3 ( Version: 6.1.2 Notes:


Website: Description: Network packet capture and analysis tool Author: The Wireshark Foundation ( License: GNU General Public License v2 ( Version: 4.0.10 Notes:


Website: Description: Network Forensic GUI Tool using Zeek, Suricata and Zed Author: Brim Data License: GNU General Public License (GPL) ( Version: 1.3.0 Notes: Zui is the renamed version of Brim