A Windows Forensics Toolkit and Environment Builder


Latest Win-FOR Release
The design behind this is to use a barebones Windows 10 VM or a Windows machine (preferably 1909 and higher to support WSLv2). Once configured, and activated (to support customization features), then you can use one of the installers to install all of the packages.
The installer is a graphical interface to click and choose which items you want, and to enter the settings you need
Check out the Releases section for the most up-to-date installers.

Win-FOR Customizer

FIRST OFF - Requires .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime If you do not have it, you will be prompted to install at execution
Why a GUI? Who doesn't like a good GUI!? Not everyone enjoys Windows command line or PowerShell, especially when just starting out in Digital Forensics. This makes it much easier to get your environment set up without having to worry about CMD or PS!
The customizer tool gives you the following features:
  • Point and click to choose which tools you want installed in your distro (instead of just choosing them all)
  • Checkboxes to choose if you want the WSLv2 with SIFT and REMnux installed during the process, or click WSL Only to install it at a later date
  • Save your current selections in a custom SaltStack State file for your own purposes or record
  • Identify the current version of the Win-FOR environment with a single click
  • Check for updates to the Customizer
  • Graphically enter any settings you need!
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PowerShell or CLI

The PowerShell script and standalone CLI executable have been deprecated in favour of the Win-FOR Customizer. However, if there is need for a command-line version of the Customizer, it can be done. Until such time, the Customizer is your best choice!


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