Basic Usage / Options

The basic usage for time-decode is to either "guess" what a timestamp is, or to generate a timestamp based on a specific date:
time-decode --guess 01d8eed637a776ec
Outputs which do not result in a date/time value are not displayed.
Most likely results (within +/- 5 years) are highlighted.
GMail Message ID time: 1974-01-09 08:26:13.754000 UTC
Google EI time: 2034-08-03 04:28:03.000000 UTC
Windows 64-bit Hex BE: 2022-11-02 16:14:43.156350 UTC
Windows OLE 64-bit double BE: 1899-12-30 00:00:00.000000 UTC
time-decode --timestamp "2022-11-02 16:14:43.156350 -4"
Converting Date: 2022-11-02 16:14:43.156350 -4
Active Directory/LDAP dt: 133118936831563500
BitDate time: 0e146b7e
Bitwise Decimal time: 2120946958
DHCP6 DUID time: 000100012af58c33000000000000
exFAT time: 556281d5
FAT Date + Time: 6255d581
GMail Boundary time: 000000000000bf757e05ec827d00
GMail Message ID time: 18439fb53d400000
Google Chrome: 13311893683156350
Google EI time: M19iYw
GPS time: 1351455301
GSM time: 22112061413469
HFS/HFS+ 32-bit Hex BE: df888033
HFS/HFS+ 32-bit Hex LE: 338088df
KSUID Decimal: 267420083
Mac OS/HFS+ Decimal Time: 3750264883
Mastodon time: 109276042559488000
Microsoft 128-bit SYSTEMTIME: e6070b000300020014000e002b009c00
Microsoft FILETIME time: beb916ec:01d8eef7
Microsoft Hotmail time: f7eed801:ec16b9be
Microsoft .NET DateTime: 638030168831563520
Motorola time: 340b02100e2b
Mozilla PRTime: 1667420083156350
MS-DOS 32-bit Hex Value: d5816255
MS Excel 1904 Date: 43405.843555050349
Nokia S40 time: 07e60b02140e2b
Nokia S40 time LE: e6070b02140e2b
Nokia time: cce859b3
Nokia time LE: b359e8cc
NSDate - Binary Plist / Cocoa: 689112883
NSDate - iOS 11+: 689112883156350080
NSDate - Mac Absolute time: 689112883.156350
OLE Automation Date: 44867.843555050349
Symantec AV time: 340a02100e2b
Unix Hex 32-bit BE: 6362cfb3
Unix Hex 32-bit LE: b3cf6263
Unix Seconds: 1667420083
Unix Milliseconds: 1667420083156
VMSD time: 388226,2109543104
Windows 64-bit Hex BE: 01d8eef7beb916ec
Windows 64-bit Hex LE: ec16b9bef7eed801
Windows Cookie Date: 3198237568,30994167
Windows OLE 64-bit double BE: 40e5e87afe672934
Windows OLE 64-bit double LE: 342967fe7ae8e540
You can also choose the specific timestamp you want by selecting it from the following:
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--guess guess format and output possibilities
--timestamp [DATE] convert date to every timestamp
enter date as "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.f" in 24h fmt.
Without argument gives current date/time
--active convert from Active Directory value
--auto convert from OLE Automation Date format
--bitdate convert from a Samsung/LG 4-byte value
--bitdec convert from a bitwise decimal 10-digit value
--bplist convert from an iOS Binary Plist value
--chrome convert from Google Chrome value
--cookie convert from Windows Cookie Date (Low,High)
--dhcp6 convert from a DHCP6 DUID value
--discord convert from a Discord URL value
--dotnet convert from a .NET DateTime value
--eitime convert from a Google EI URL value
--exfat convert from an exFAT 4-byte value
--fat convert from FAT Date + Time (wFat)
--ft convert from FILETIME value
--gbound convert from a GMail Boundary value
--gmsgid convert from a GMail Message ID value
--gps convert from a GPS value
--gsm convert from a GSM value
--hfsbe convert from HFS(+) BE, HFS Local, HFS+ UTC
--hfsle convert from HFS(+) LE, HFS Local, HFS+ UTC
--hfsdec convert from Mac OS/HFS+ Decimal Time
--hotmail convert from a Hotmail value
--ios convert from iOS 11 value
--kstime convert from a KSUID 9-digit value
--ksuid convert from a KSUID 27-character value
--mac convert from Mac Absolute Time
--mastodon convert from a Mastodon URL value
--meta convert from a Metasploit Payload UUID
--moto convert from Motorola's 6-byte value
--ms1904 convert from MS Excel 1904 Date format
--msdos convert from 32-bit MS-DOS time, result is Local
--nokia convert from a Nokia 4-byte value
--nokiale convert from a Nokia 4-byte LE value
--ns40 convert from a Nokia S40 7-byte value
--ns40le convert from a Nokia S40 7-byte LE value
--nsdate convert from an Apple NSDate (iOS, BPList, Cocoa, Mac Absolute)
--oleb convert from Windows OLE 64-bit BE, remove 0x & space
- example from SRUM: 0x40e33f5d 0x97dfe8fb should be 40e33f5d97dfe8fb
--olel convert from Windows OLE 64-bit LE
--pr convert from Mozilla's PRTime
--sony convert from a Sonyflake URL value
--sym convert from Symantec's 6-byte AV value
--systime convert from 128-bit SYSTEMTIME value
--tiktok convert from a TikTok URL value
--twitter convert from a Twitter URL value
--uhbe convert from Unix Hex 32-bit BE
--uhle convert from Unix Hex 32-bit LE
--unix convert from Unix Seconds
--umil convert from Unix Milliseconds
--uu convert from a UUID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
--vm convert from a VMWare Snapshot (.vmsd) value
- enter as "high value,low value"
--wh convert from Windows 64-bit Hex BE
--whle convert from Windows 64-bit Hex LE
--version, -v show program's version number and exit
For example:
time-decode --ms1904 43405.843555050349
MS Excel 1904 Date: 2022-11-02 20:14:43.156350 UTC